ASYS Automatic Systems is a Development and Sales Company with an on-site production facility. It was found in 1989 by Mr. Klaus Hügler – who also is the principle shareholder of the company. The company is located in Schorndorf, in the economic area of Stuttgart.

About three fourths of the company’s production takes places in affiliated companies. In Schorndorf, the employees take care of basic construction and development processes, final assembly, quality control, commissioning and sales and services. Our component assembly partially takes place in Schorndorf and partially in our Polish subsidiary ASYS Polska Sp. z. o o. Our service and sale in Asia is taken care of by our branch ASYS Taiwan LTD.

Our most important product is quality

ASYS is a typical Swabian owner-led family business. Its roots are deeply connected to the homeland and its values drive it to work diligently and strive after highest quality standards. So the company’s highest maxim is: “ Quality is our most important product”. ASYS’s core competency is the handling of substrates in special isolated environments. The company is run by scientists and top engineers with many years of experience on the field of handling and robotic. Our staff consists of highly trained personnel . We are sure, that quality and the satisfaction of our workers are influences mutually – so these two aspects are our two highest and elemental goals.

Basic Data

  • About 80 employees
  • About 4000 sold robots
  • Integrated into our Micronicfabs
  • Integrated into our cluster tool platforms
  • Used as a OEM-product in cleanrooms
  • Over 30 issued patents