The ASYS Group has had many years of experience on the field of vacuum handling. The first ASYS vacuum pumps were developed, build and sold to our clients more than 20 years ago. Some of those systems are still operating today, due to their high quality. New systems today can benefit from the long-term experience that ASYS possesses. ASYS combines the knowledge of past years with today’s technology to offer a perfectly adjusted system.

ASYS vacuum systems – features:

  • The vacuum platforms are characterized by the highest cleanliness standards.
  • The modular constructions are based on a well-planned maintenance- and quality of service from the very beginning.
  • ASYS vacuum platforms are equipped with pumps and valve stands.
  • The ASYS vacuum platforms allow almost all sorts of mediums needed for the functioning of the process module to be integrated into the system.
  • We have made an effort to reduce the number of open cables and wires, making the robots more manageable and clearly arranged.
  • The integrated concept makes it easier for our customers to set up and start the robot system.

The polar Vacuum chamber

Our ASYS polar vacuum platform can host up to four process modules. Depending on the chamber size, substrates up to 450mm can be integrated into the system. The connection from the polar chamber to the loading station (Equipment Front End Module = EFEM) is established by 2 transfer chambers (each one located between the chamber and the EFEM). If needed, an aligner can be integrated into the transfer chamber. Driven by the ASYS Paraliner, the substrate transfer takes place inside the vacuum chamber.

The Linear Vacuum chamber

In the field of vacuum technology , another important component is the linear design of vacuum chambers. This new concept is especially apt for substrates >300mm and can be turned into a Cluster, by combining several linear chambers. The linear vacuum chamber’s basic principle is an evacuated tunnel, on which the processes are docked in longitudinal direction on both sides. On the inside of the tunnel, a ASYS robot is moving horizontally on a linear axis. The connection to the loading station can be established the same way, as it is with the polar chambers.

Both ASYS vacuum systems have their very own special advantages.As for the polar version can achieve a high throughput at low cost. This is especially interesting to users who never need more than four process modules per chamber. On the other hand, the linear version has the advantage and the ability to host considerably more than four process chambers. The linear process chamber has a somewhat smaller installation surface, due to the more than four process connections. This can create an additional 40% worth of space and considering the high costs of a cleanroom, this can be of vital importance.